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We are here to help you with your fund development needs. Lead Grant Writer, Hana Mendoza, has 20 years of grant writing experience in the nonprofit social services fields that include youth development, family self sufficiency, employment and training, homeless support services, and affordable housing. Our team is dedicated to improving our communities and has a successful track record in securing foundation, corporation, and public agency grants.

Our Job Starts with You

We work to fully understand what you need, so we can offer you options that make sense. As seasoned grant writers we simply love to take an organization’s information and ideas and craft them into incredible proposals that market the organization’s program or project effectively. When collaborating with an agency to develop a grant proposal, we gain a solid understanding of its history, goals, challenges, successes, community partnerships and the issues on which we will be writing. This is imperative in developing strong and compelling proposals. The grant writing process requires close collaboration between our staff and yours to obtain a diversity of ideas and opinions that pull together all the pieces for an incredible story of the organization.

Let’s Build a Partnership!

Things to consider before you hire a grant writer: Never ask a grant writer to solicit funds. You and others within your organization are the best people to present your case. Ideally, funders should build relationships with you. It is important that your staff devote the time and energy needed for planning the project and overseeing the development of the grant proposal. While most experienced grant writers are well versed in the process of funding research, doing your own research will let you better direct the grant writer’s efforts. Try to stay away from overly technical and/or good but ho-hum writers. Go with someone who writes clearly but passionately. The grant writer needs to persuasively but realistically, and in detail, explain your project and your need. Following these best practices will help to establish a process and routine that you can follow in future grant-seeking opportunities.

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