I find a deep and special joy in the work of writing grants that improve the quality of life for community members, specifically our low-income and vulnerable residents.

Hana M. Mendoza

Founder and Lead Grant Writer

Dear Community Partner,

Fund development has been challenging for many nonprofits in this economic climate. It is going to take enthusiasm, expertise and a whole team approach to ensure the stability and growth of an agency’s financial health. My track record for securing public, foundation, and corporate grants has been in the 90% range and I have never missed an agreed upon grant application or report submission deadline. I enjoy the fund development field and have a 20-year background in nonprofits. This work provides me with true fulfillment, because I am able to actively contribute to the improvement of people’s lives and our communities.

My personal and employment backgrounds have given me the real-world experience of cultural humility and competence.  I am a San Francisco native, a 25 year resident of Oakland, CA, and have lived in diverse communities filled with multiple ethnicities, age groups and gender profiles all of my life.  I have been exposed to professional work settings where my target population consisted of younger adults, school aged children, elderly frail clients, ex-offenders, those with co-occurring disorders, LGBTG consumers and people who practice various forms of religious beliefs.  The mantra I follow when engaging with people is to keep an open mind and embrace each individual’s uniqueness.  Being open to learning other cultures, beliefs, creeds and preferences is key to fostering all my relationships.

I look forward to working with you!

Best wishes,

Hana M. Mendoza

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