Fees and Time

Fees are directly tied to the scope of work. To arrive at a fee amount, we analyze the client’s past grant activities. We look at related materials to see if there are boilerplate pieces we can reuse, and any other information we can draw on to lay a foundation for our writing work. Hourly Rates – In the East Bay, the standard rates billed to clients for grant writing and related consulting services stretch from $100 to $200 per hour. Flat Rates by project run from $500 to 3,000 for small, quick turn-around projects and $3000 – 11,000 for larger, more complex and detailed projects. Flat rates vary by such factors as the lead-time to prepare and turn around the proposal, the complexity of the project, the proposal’s length, the amount of the grant request, and the time needed to complete the assignment. We also vary rates by the type of grant source: foundation, corporation, city, county, state, and federal. Advance Payment – We generally require 50% of the total contract to be paid in advance. Balance is due upon delivery of the completed proposal. Retainer Arrangement – A monthly retainer, usually is set for services to occur on an ongoing and regular basis.

Time to complete grants: Before delving into the project, we will have to do some investigation and research into your organization and the program for which we will be writing the request. Expect our staff to gather information through interviews and other means to get a good grasp on the project and acquire sound knowledge of the organization. This helps if the organization will retain our services for the long haul, as we will then be able to help you seek other grant opportunities.

How long does it take to write a grant? These times will vary greatly based on the work history we have with your organization in completing grant applications. For fairly new partnerships, the expectation is that applications will require more time to complete due to the necessary time required for our team to learn detailed information about your organization and the programs for which we will be writing.)

Foundation Letter of Inquiry  6 to 12 hours

Small Foundation Grant Proposal (local foundation, simplified process, usually <$5,000) 8 to 14 hours

Medium Foundation Grant Proposal ($5,000 to $25,000; more complex application) 20 to 30 hours

Large Foundation Grant Proposal ($25,000 to $50,000; complex application, multiple attachments; also United Way grants) 40 to 60 hours

Major Foundation Grant Proposal (national; complex, usually online applications; site visits; high-level stewardship and financial requirements) 60 to 80 hours

State Grant Proposals and Responses to RFPs  (including federal pass through funds; e.g. CDBG, ESG) 40 to 75 hours

Federal Grant Applications and Responses to RFPs (single year grant, for an existing project) 65 to 90 hours

Large Federal Grant Applications / Contract Proposals / Responses to RFPs  (highly competitive, complex, multi-year, for large organization and/or new initiatives) 80 to 120 hours

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